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Below is the text vesion of the weekend report with headlines from around Palau and the Pacific.


A local fisherman went missing last Saturday when he went fishing with two other locals along the inner reef of Ngeremlengui. Leading the search for the fisherman was Criminal Investigation Section Detective, Lt. Aloysius Alonz, who stated that the incident was reported sometime around 12:40pm on Saturday. He also suspects that the fisherman was drifted away by strong current due to the small storm around the area that weekend. That same day, Chief Ellender Ngirameketii, of the Division of Marine Law, reported that they conducted a search and rescue along with the help of divers from NECO Marine and Day Dream. The community of Ngeremlengui and neighboring states such as Aimeliik and Ngatpang has also volunteered to help in the search, however, the search was been called off on Monday night as authorities have covered all possible areas and have not recovered the missing fisherman.   The authorities state that they recovered all his fishing gear from his boat and the area from which he was last seen. However, his relatives are still continuing the search.

In other news, house bill 8-11-1, introduced by Angaur Delegate, Horace Rafael, and Peleliu delegate, Jonathan Isechal, was signed by the President on Tuesday to add the airports of Angaur and Peleliu as official ports of entry in Palau, which brings a total of 5 entry ports, including the Malakal Dock, Airai Airport, and the Ngardmau Dock. This will ensure economic development for the people of both states and Palau.


            5,067 marijuana plants were collected in Peleliu during a raid that happened on Wednesday. Detective Sgt. Temdik Ngirblekuu of the Criminal Investigation Section led the operation in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Agency. All the plants were brought to Koror and burned at the Maritime Law area in the presence of several officers. The total weight of the seized plants was 1,500 pounds, with a value of $100,000.

Japan is donating 50 Billion yen to the Pacific Islands as part of the Official Development Assistance over the coming three years to support environmental, health, and educational measures. The announcement will be made by Prime Minister, Taro Aso during the 5 th Pacific Islands Forum to be held over this weekend in Shimukappumura, Hokkaido. In the area of environment, about 6.8 billion yen will be donated to help with the development of waste disposal sites, and environmental measures such as the introduction of solar power generation systems and seawater desalination equipment. Also, 20 million yen will be for he improvement of educational facilities and for producing up to 2000 specialists such as those capable of training nurses. The rest of the ODA will be spent helping to improve items of infrastructure like electric supplies, transportation, and telecommunication, along with exchange programs involving about 1000 young people over three years.

This Monday through Wednesday, Palau will be welcoming the Fleet Of Friendship, which is a fleet of three ships that will be arriving as a symbol of strengthening the relationship between Taiwan and Palau. A welcoming ceremony will begin on the 25 th at the Malakal Dock beginning at 8:30am. There will be lots of fun and entertainment within these three days, including a martial arts display, a display of the guards of honor, and a good will baseball game that will take place next week Tuesday, the 26 th , at asahi baseball field. So don't forget to attend the events.

Today, marked the graduation of Palau Community College, so we at Otv would like to send a big congratulations to all you graduates.

In Weird news this week

Dental prostheses specialist Tamas Kothay tests out an artificial beak on a stork in Hortobagy, Hungary, May 18. The stork lost the upper part of its beak and damaged the bottom part when it sustained an unknown injury. The lower part healed after an operation, but experts had to create an upper beak implant out of synthetic resin

Also, a suspect who was recognized to be wanted for multiple felony counts, led   Indiana police officers on a wild 90 mile an hour chase down through two counties right into taco bell? When asked by reporters, he simply said that he knew he will be going to jail and wanted one last burrito for himself. He was charged with fleeing, possession of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance, possession of Ecstasy, possession of a firearm, four counts of dealing cocaine and bad taste in Mexican food

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