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By Pacific islanders, for Pacific Islanders.

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Jeff Barabe and Kassi Berg interview with Keth DeGreen on KFYI

Kassi Berg discusses doing business in the islands at the
U.S. Department of Interior business conference in Hawaii

OTV (Oceania Television Network) is the first station of its kind. Utilizing modern technology, local knowledge and traditional culture, OTV provides quality programming for Pacific Islanders by Pacific Islanders. Our programming offers entertainment, education, news, weather and sports to the region in a manner appealing to Pacific Islanders and beyond.

For the last 50 years the Pacific Islands have only received retransmitted Western and Asian media which has had a tremendous influene on the society. Oceania Television Network provides an outlet for Pacific Islanders to develop their own voice and enjoy programming tailored for their own special culture.

With regional representatives in every PacificIisland country, OTV intends to gather content from Hawaii to Palau, from the Cook Islands to Samoa and present it to Pacific island viewers through our satellite system. With the ability to obtain and distribute original Pacific island content, OTV helps to build Pacific Island pride, helps share cultures and ideas, and allows islanders to share each others problems and accomplishments.

Development for Oceania Television Network began in 2005. OTV launched in January of 2007 and instantly became the most watched station in the Republic of Palau with an estimated 85% of households tuning in at prime time. Businesses, social programs and individuals quickly became interested in this new advertising opportunity and OTV doubled its programming time to fill the need. Oceania Television Network is now in the final stages of moving into 24 hour programming and regional broadcasting.

OTV Managing Staff

Our management team is comprised of experienced television, broadcast, and business professionals from around the globe.

Kassi Berg - Executive Producer

Ms. Berg is a Georgetown Law school graduate who worked for the U.S. Federal government as well as private law firms before traveling to the Pacific Islands to work as legal counsel to the National Congress of the Republic of Palau. She then joined Roll 'em Productions as executive producer and in-house counsel where she created more than 20 film and television shows with Pacific island themes. In 2006, she established PEACE, the Pacific Endowment for Arts Culture and Environment, which is working with Oceania Television Network to develop a OTV's public accessm programming.

Jeffrey Barabe - Managing Director

Mr. Barabe worked as an assistant director, production manager and producer for feature films and serial television programs for 15 years before relocating to Micronesia to establish a multimedia production company in a growing market in 2001. By 2004, Roll 'em Productions had grown into the largest production company in Micronesia. He then began to lay the groundwork for Oceania Television Network.

Jill Senior - Program Director

Ms. Senior began her television career by producing an independent television series before joining NBC affiliate KHNL in Hawaii. She then returned to her home of Palau to join Roll 'em productions as a producer and editor.

Mike Fox - Senior Editor

Mike is a veteran of over 10 years in radio broadcasting, where he’s covered sports teams from Denver to San Francisco.  Mr. Fox was "the most heard voice" in the Bay Area, having worked for ESPN affiliate KNBR in San Francisco where he was the commercial voice of the San Francisco Giants, Oakland Raiders, Golden State Warriors, and San Jose Sharks.  He then moved to Palau where he developed the skills necessary to become senior editor and audio supervisor.

Spis Gordon - Studio Manager

Spis Gordon - Studio Manager and Jack of all trades Spis runs everything from graphics to camera to switcher. Occasionally he even appears as the voice from above or guest host on the Jock Block.

Kauderael Keane - Sales Manager

Palauan charm mixed with personality and a get the job done attitude make this her the cornerstone of client relations.


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