Republic of Palau

Palau Television Marketing Guide

Palau is a former U.S. Trust territory which gained independence in 1997. It continues to grow economically with a steady increase in tourism.

Popular Consumer Products and Services:
Fishing and boating supplies and equipment
Sports supplies and equipment

Consumables: canned meats, rice, soda, alcohol, cigarettes, gas and oil

OTV Statistics
Broadcasting Since: February 2005
Number of Broadcasters: 1 Cable
OTV Broadcaster: Palau National Communications Company (PNCC)
Cable Subscribers: 3,200
Members Per Household: 6.4
Saturation: 86%
Market Share: 54

Palau Statistics
GDP: $145 million (2005)
GDP - per capita (PPP): $7,600
Population: 20,579
Age structure: 0-14 years: 26.3%, 15-64 years: 69.1%, 65 years +: 4.6%
Median age: 31.7 years (male: 32.7 years, female: 30.7 years)
Population growth rate: 1.31% (2006 est.)

broadcasts via PNCC from its own head end located in Malakal, Koror. Fibre optic connects to PNCC where the channel is fed via a digital signal to the viewer. reaches every population area and is clearly the most watched channel in the nation. Advertisements are inserted by OTV for total scheduling and rotation control.

Advertising opportunities on Palau currently include spots of any length, slates ( ), infomercial's, and show sponsorship.

Standard commercial slots are offered in increments of 30 seconds - If you do not have an existing spot, OTV will work with you to produce a commercial that fits your budget and audience.

These semi-stationary ads are great for announcements and events. These are available in 15 second increments.

These long format commercials are used to educate prospective customers about the details of a product or service. OTV offers a package which includes the production of the infomercial at OTV's studio facility and broadcast time.

This traditional form of advertising is very effective. More than simple product placement, a sponsor of an OTV program gets lots of mileage for the money. Hosts are excited to present new products to their viewers with demos, test trials and much more.

Palau Television Marketing Guide