Question Raised On Reprogram of ADB Water & Sewer Loan for Fiber-optic

The Palau House of Traditional Leaders has sent a letter to President Toribiong challenging the reprogramming of funds from the ADB Loan for water and sewer development to instead purchase a used fiber-optic cable to upgrade Palau’s internet.  In the letter, the traditional leaders choose health and the environment over telecommunications.  Some parts of Palau, especially the Malakal area, have serious sewer issues with waste erupting from manhole covers and a strong scent of sewage in the air affecting homes and businesses in the tourist area.

Palau Traditional Leaders Disapprove of Reprogramming of ADB Water and Sewer Loan

Page 2 of HOTL Letter on ADB Loan

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  1. Is this legal? Didn’t the pres already take 3mill from the loan to pay the Gov power bill? Is there anything left?

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