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Oceania Television Network
1724 Media Lane
Koror, PW 96940
Palau + 680 488 6884
U.S. + 01 (305) 255-0604
E-mail: sales@oceaniatv.net

Welcome to OTV

Oceania Television Network (OTV) is the first 24-hour television station dedicated to showcasing the unique culture and people of the Pacific islands. For five years OTV has produced and acquired quality Pacific programs from across the region including entertainment, news, culture and educational programming. In a region that has previously only received retransmitted Western and

Vacancy: Television Program and Traffic Manager

Oceania Television Network (OTV) is searching for a candidate to fill the position of Television Program and Traffic Manager to be based in Palau. For interested applicants, more information about this position can be found at the link below: Television Program and Traffic Manager Vacancy

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