Boat Chase and Scuttled Ship Leaves Chinese Man Dead

After Chinese fishing boats were spotted ilegally fishing off the coast of Kayangel in Palau, stuff local authorities gave chase.  As the three boats evaded capture the Division of Fish and Wildlife was called in to assist and chased down the boats.  During the chase one of the fishing boats attampted to ram the Fish and wildlife boat.  After multiple warnings offices fired at the engines in an attempt to disable the boat.  One of the bullets ricoched off the engine o=hitting one of the suspects inthe leg.  Authorities continued the search while one of the smaller fishing boats returned to the mother ship to off load the crew and set the ship on fire which sank shortley after.  The mother boat crew were rescued and taken into custody.  No explanation has been given why the fishing crew would have set their own ship on fire but they were believved to be collection, view turtle and shoark which carry heavy fines in Palau.  The injured man died from the gunshot wound received to the leg.