Water Rationing Implemented Following Pump Failure

A problem with one of Palau’s water pumps has caused another restriction in providing sufficient water supply. On Saturday April 21, tadalafil one of the three pumps collapsed causing low water pressure and even water shut down in some areas. Power fluctuation was immediately identified as the source of the problem.

Because Palau’s water station lacks a regulator the pumps are more susceptible to power fluctuations explained Minister of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce Jackson Ngiraingas,
Normally the water facility operates with four pumps, one however is used as a standby unit. But one pump has not been operational since last year and is currently still under repair. In addition to the recent pump failure, the facility is now functioning with only two pumps. However, the facility is now unable to pump sufficient water to fill in the tanks with two functioning units. As a result, the Bureau of Public Works implemented a water rationing schedule to minimize the impact to the communities in Koror and Airai State.
According to the Bureau of Public Works, the water rationing schedule will be in effect until the problem is solved.
Meanwhile, President Toribiong stated yesterday that he will be working with the Palau Congress to identify funding to purchase a new power regulator to eliminate future problems with the delivery of water services to the public.