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Traditional Canoe races revived in Marshalls
Traditional Canoe Race Revived
After a seven-year hiatus, here the Marshall Islands are reviving their national outrigger canoe race.
Marshall Islands President Chris Loeak met with organizers of the Marshall Islands Canoe Cup Race to discuss the promotion of the Marshallese outrigger canoe, store revival of traditional building skills and sailing. Previously the Canoe races had been a major annual event for the Marshall Islands for 10 years. The Marshall Islands National Canoe Cup race is being scheduled for late September to coincide with the Micronesian Chief Executives’ Summit that will be hosted in Majuro. President Christopher J. Loeak with Director of Waan Aelon in Majel (WAM – Canoes of the Marshall Islands) Alson Kelen, Marshall Islands Visitors’ Authority Board member Bill Weza, and Majuro Water and Sewer Company’s General Manager Hirobo Obeketang. 
Former Palau Dive Guide receives Emmy nomination
Former Palau Dive Guide Recieves Emmy Award
A former Palau Dive Guide has received a prestigious Emmy nomination for his underwater camera work. Craig Musburger who worked as a dive guide here back in 1996 and 97 has received his second national Emmy Award nomination in the Outstanding Camera Work category for his work on the NBC Sports production of the Ford Ironman World Championship.
Here’s an exclusive greeting from the former “local boy” made good.
We’ll find out if Craig wins his Emmy, when the award ceremony honoring achievements in sports television takes place at Lincoln Center in New York City on April 30.  Good luck Craig and congratulations!
Three Oceania Countries approved for Tae Kwan Do Competition
The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has approved the membership of 4 new island countries, three of which are from Oceania.  The Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Seychelles were added at the WTF General Assembly recently held Egypt bringing the total of participating countries to 201, making the WTF one of the world’s top eight International Sports Federations in terms of affiliated members.
FSM and Palau made their official Olympic and Paralympic Games debut in Sydney back in 2000, while Nauru, the world’s smallest Republic, made their Games debut in 1996.
PFA Playoff matchups are set!
The Palau Football Association Playoff matchups are set!  After the final week of games, the top 4 teams are Team Bangladesh #1, The Taj #2, Kramer’s Football Club #3 and the Biib Strykers at #4. Setting up the first round matchups of 1st seed Team Bangladesh taking on 4th seed Biib Strykers in the 6pm match, then #2 Taj will be looking to avenge their only loss of the season against #3 seed Kramer’s Football club at 7pm.  Come on out to the PNOC Track and Field and support the teams and find out who will play for the PFA championship next week!
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