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Ministry Of Finance provides account for over expenditures in FY 2011

 The Ministry Of Finance has come up with a draft report showing where the government over spent a total of $2, and 667, ampoule 135.40 in fiscal year 2011. The report was prepared by Bureau of Budget and Planning Director Dennis Oilouch shows that all of the over expenditures started at the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Infrastructure Industries and Commerce, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, and the Compact Review Office. The over expenditures of the Ministry Of Education is approximately $82,656.92 in the Bureau of Administration. The report disclosed total amounts of expenditures in each budget item under the Bureau such as salary and wages , social security benefits, vehicle repair, advertising, general supplies, travel /transportation, allowances, electricity and etc. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure Industries and Commerce had the same over expenditures totaled at $1.8M, which exceeds the appropriated budget. This includes $440 thousands under the Bureau of Aviation, $244K in Capitol complex electricity/maintenance,  $1.06M in water and sewer operations and $72K in the Bureau of Land and Survey. In the Ministry of Justice there was over expenditures of $151K in the Bureau of Public Safety, and $52K over expenditures in the Compact Review Office. In the Ministry of Health there was an over expenditures of $272K in the Bureau of Clinical Services. Vice President Kerai Mariur said that these over expenditures were for legitimate government needs.
 2010 Audit Report Questions $1.8M costs
Questioned costs totaling of $1,851,477 as of September 30, 2010 have been identified as still unresolved according to the draft 2010 single year audit report on compliance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Palau dated March 29, 2012. The audit report is long over due as was supposed to be completed by June 30,2011 but because of government delay in providing required reports and financial statements, it has not been finalized. The audit report identified certain deficiencies in internal control over financial reporting that are considered to be material weakness and other deficiencies that are considered to be significant deficiencies. A deficiency in Internal Control exists when the design or operation of a control does not allow management or employees, in the normal course of performing their assigned functions to prevent or detect and correct misstatements on a timely basis. The other thing that the auditors mentioned is the Material Weakness. A material weakness is a deficiency, or combination of deficiencies, in internal control such that there is a reasonable possibility that material misstatement of the entity’s financial statements will not be prevented, or detected and corrected on a timely basis. On April 29, 2012 the government had to submit their comment on the findings of the draft audit report.
 4 Declares For Vice President
4 candidates for Vice President
 This years’ election Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi will be making her announcement for Presidency on Sunday May 6, 2012, which is in the fullmoon. Her announcement will be broadcast on Palauwave FM 89.9.
Senator Camsek Chin recently told everyone that he want to remain as a Senator, but report shows that there are people collecting signatures from the community wanting Senator Chin to run for President. Soon we’ll be hearing what Senator Chin has to say to his supporters.
Those that are running for Vice President includes the incumbent Kerai Mariur, who recently made his announcement last Sunday April 29, 2012 at the Bai ra Mengellang in Ngarchelong state. Former Delegate Antonio Bells and Minister of Ministry of Public Infrastructure Industries and Commerce Mr. Jackson Ngiraingas will also be running for Vice President. And Dr. Stevenson Kuartei finally confirmed that he will be a candidate for Vice President.
There are now three running for President and four running for Vice President. The deadline for those running for the general election on November 6, 2012 is at August 8.
 OEK launches e-library, internet and intranet system
The Olbiil Era Kelulau has now joined with other legislatures and now entered the 21st century. The OEK office now has is own e-library, internet, and intranet system. Today the public now can stay at their house keeping themselves updated on what’s going on in the OEK office, and access to see bills that have been published to their website.  The 21st century OEK will also be posting the Budget Bill on their website, where people are able to post their comments regarding the bill. They’ re also launching a Congress Strategic Corporate Development Plan 2012-2015. This will help prioritization, planning, and budget for congressional support office. This will give the staff the training opportunity in information technology, research, report writing, and much more. The OEK adopted a proposed joint resolution to joint rules between the two houses. The joint rules is an agreement between the House of Delegates and the Senate that is involved in their role, responsibility and duty. This includes the same agenda of working on creating a bill and to combine and conduct a public hearing and bill introduction.
Congratulaions to the Olbiil Era Kelulau and Staff for their success!
Power outages caused slow water flow
 Members of PPUC stated due to the recent power outages it has caused one of the three operating water pump in the Water Plant to short-circuit, causing low water flow to the community. The low water pressure is the reason why the electricity shut off automatically is to protect the generators from short-circuiting. Minister of Ministry of Public Infrastructure Industries and Commerce Mr. Jackson Ngiraingas said that the reason for the water pump to short-circuit is due to the non-stop use of electricity. The PPUC now has a 50,000 gallons of Niigata water tank to cool down the generators. The PPUC board stated that power outages can be restored  to normal if the water pump is restored as soon as possible.
Filipino Fishermen Arrested
A total of 29 fisherman from Sarangani Province are under custody of the Division of Marine Law Enforcement for alleged illegal fishing in Palau water’s. Patrol Boat HSS Remeliik Executive officer Earl Benhart on Saturday said the fishermen were caught fishing close to Palau’s Meriil Island on April 26. No one knows what was on the fishing vessel and officer Benhart refused to give further information to the news because the investigation is still ongoing. The fishermen are now in custody and will be waiting for charges being prepared by the attorney general.
 President Toribiong Delivered his last SORA
 On Wednesday May 2nd President Johnson Toribiong delivered his last State Of the Republic Address (SORA) in his term of presidency in the senate chambers in Ngerulmud, Melekeok. After reporting further on progress in terms of agriculture, aquaculture, infrastructure, education, health, communications, cultural affairs, fisheries, safety and security, Toribiong expressed gratitude to Palau’s development partners such as the United States, Japan, Republic of China and other allies that now totaled to 60 nations. In closing, Toribiong emphasized the importance of working together to be able to find real solutions to the challenges. The president said that criticizing a solution proposed by him or any other member of the OEK without proposing real alternative is a wasteful of counter-productive exercise.
2nd Public Hearing of the RCTD committee
The Radio Communications Bill proposed by the senate committee RCTD had a second public hearing held at the old Olbiil Era Kelulau. On the first public hearing was held at the new Olbiil Era Kelulau at Ngerulmud, Melekeok and there were confusions on who were allowed to attend the hearing. At that time OTV and its entire staff attended the hearing and were only allowed to submit a written comment, but on the 2nd hearing those who own a radio and television station attended the hearing and it is said to be more than 80% supported OTV. Those who attended said that this is one of the biggest hearing that became a success. People that attended the hearing had a chance to express their thoughts in regards of the Radio Communications Bill. They say that if they let the bill passes it would cause a TV company like OTV to shut down.
 Tax collection ahead of projections
The Ministry of Finance last week reported that tax collections have reached 64 percent of projections for the fiscal year, with more than two months of the third quarter remaining. If the trend continues, the government stands to realize approximately $4M in additional revenue, compared to the total from the previous fiscal year.
Palau Airways launches on May 6
 The Palau Airways will have its inaugural flight this coming May 6 2012.The flight will be departing in Taipei, Taiwan afternoon and will arrive at the Palau International Airport in the evening. President Toribiong will be taking 11members of delegation of Palau to attend Palau Airways’ first flight to Taiwan. The flight will start off with 3 flights in one week and soon they are planning to do 5 flights in one week.
Palau High School parking lot Inaugurated
The newly completed parking lot at PHS was formally inaugurated on Friday April 27th, 2012 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The project was finished at cost of $10,000 and several people volunteered in the 3 weeks of construction making the parking lot a success. Surangel companies’ were so generous donating equipment and free labor. And the PHS alumni association did some fundraising for the school. Students of PCC and their teacher Lester Rekemesik and some PHS students and their teacher Perry Hideos gave out free labor to make this parking lot a success.
Palauan named PNA chairperson
 Ms. Dilyaur Nannette Malsol is the new Chairperson for the 31st Parties to the Nauru Agreement Office Meeting and will continue to chair all PNA meetings for one year. Ms. Malsol is the first female to serve on this post and she has been in the forefront in the establishment of the PNA from concept reality. Parties fo the Nauru Agreement has assembled 8 countries of the pacific to conduct a meeting on fishing rights. The 8 countries include Palau, FSM, Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Nauru.
Congratulations Ms. Malsol on becoming the newest Chairperson of the 31st PNA
That is it for this week’s news for Palau be sure to tune in next week for more local news update from the Republic of Palau.