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Sen. Oilouch Vindicated of Violations of Constitution and Code of Ethics
Vindicated with Violations of Constitutions and Code Of Ethics
The Supreme Court has clarified that Senator Oilouch did not violate either the Constitution or the Ethics Act by working as a legal counsel for Koror State Public Lands Authority and at the same time serving as senator in the Republic. A court decision was made by the Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong stated that Senator Oilouch is not a public employee of Koror State Public Lands Authority and the Contract Agreement does not constitute public employment. Oilouch’s work for KSPLA consists of representation in certain civil proceedings involving land disputes. President Johnson Toribiong stated that it the government will appeal this decision at court.
 Supreme Court order fee collection of Alien Registration
Report from the Palau Supreme Court, sale Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong ordered the National Government to collect the Alien Registration fee which they’ve collected when the fee went up to $25 per person from other countries. The total fee that the government must collect is $131, sildenafil 175. This follows the 5, mind 247 people from other countries that have entered Palau and have paid the new $25 registration fee. The fee collection is based on the decision made at the court trial and will reaffirmed by the appellate court stating that the $25 fee proposed by the president is an unconstitutional tax. The President also stated that the Ministry of Finance will be in charge to reimburse foreigners fee collection.
 Government Money said to be misused by Former President Remengesau
Government Money said to be misused by Former President Remengesau
Report from “Tia Belau” local news shows that there are numerous accounts and invoices and amount of the government’s money spent since 2005-2008 by Former President Tommy Remengesau. During that time in 2005 –2008 Tommy Remengesau was titled President of the Republic of Palau. The report showed  that there were 18,560 lbs of fishes, mangrove crabs, and lobsters at a cost of $32,496.67 and was purchased at Happy Fish Market at year 2005-2008. It also stated that there was $68,054.94 used to pay PPUC and $14,136.55 placed in three different accounts. They say that there are only two persons who has the knowledge for finance and computer skills and said to have access to the governments record and somehow change the records. In other news they said that the over expenditures at the President’s office had been audited and no citation was made that the governments money were misused.
Sandra Pierantozzi First Female to Run for President of Palau

First Female Palauan to run for President
Ms. Pierantozzi on OTV set

 Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi has announced her declare for president in this upcoming election on November 2012. Her announcement was broadcasted through television – OTV and on radio – Palau Wave FM during the full moon. In her announcement she stated that she won’t go to the office just to get what benefits her, but to share it with the community and that the government is nothing but people centered government. She also stated that she will not conduct an over the top campaign rally but will only use the power of media – tv and radio broadcast and the local news.
 Ngardmau Seacucumber Survey Prepared
Ngardmau Seacucumber Survey Prepared
The survey showed that last year’s seacucumber harvest nearly wiped out seacucumber at Ngardmau state if they didn’t put the national Moratorium in effect. The Palau International Coral Reef Center and Ngardmau State prepared the survey in March 2012. The survey assess the number of seacucumber that had been harvested at this time and comparing it to the year 2009 before the harvesting of seacucumber. The survey confirmed that the number of seacucumber in Ngardmau had been dropped from 88 percent comparing it to 2009. The 2009 survey transect showed that there were 2,445 numbers of seacucumber and as of today it has surprisingly dropped to 295. The survey report will be sent to the state leadership so they will be informed.
 Court orders Koreans to pay fine before leaving Palau
 In other news similar to the seacucumber harvest a Korean manager of the Palau Sea Hatchery has been order to pay a $5,000 fine guilty of one count with a charge for an insufficient foreign investment approval certificate. His name is Choi Man Sung and made a plea agreement so all charges were dropped but he will have to pay a $5,000 fine within 30 days. As soon as the fine is paid he will be able to leave Palau. The charges that were dropped included 16 counts of exporting uncultured seacucumber. Other charges were also against Anatanio Kikuoel owner of the Palau Sea Cucumber Hatchery Farm, but his plea hearing had not been scheduled.
International Researchers in Palau Studying History of Palau
An international team of researchers currently in Palau, are conducting a research studying Palau’s villages and it’s history in the rock islands. The might be able to answer why there aren’t any villages in the rock island at this present time. This study is supported with the help of the Bureau of arts and Cultures, House of the Legislatives of Koror State, and the Palau Chief Justice with five researchers from the U.S. and they each have their own title as Archeologist, Anthroologist, and a Paleontologist. After the study the researchers will then created a document based on their study showing peoples way of living in the past and climate, and why didn’t the villages survived to this present day.
 TB Conference held on Sunday May 13, 2012
 A conference will be hel at the Ngarachamayong Cultural Center. The conference Pacific Island Tuberculosis Control Association and Stop TB has a delegation to all people in all the Pacific to attend this one week meeting starting from May 7-11. The purpose of this meeting is to strengthen to fight turberculosis.
Women’s Club Bngal a Klikm Thanks Bureau of Agriculture’s Support
The women’s club bngal a klikm association would like to thank the Bureau of Agriculture and their supporters for a grant that they were able to receive in 2011.  The grant is used to help the tree planting that was conducted last year. President of the Bngal a Kilkm Association Ms. Dilmai Saiske stated they’ve planted plants, which  covered nearly 50 percent of the area that they are currently working on. The size of the area is approximately 2,000 square meter in Ngarchelong state.  There will coconut and betelnut planting which they wish to finish it in September 2012.
Palauan girl accepted for Gates Millenium Scholars
A palauan girl in Xavier High School at Chuuk had been accepted to the Gates Millenium Scholars. Her name is Eleanor Titiml a senior of Xavier High School and she will be attending with other thousands that also been accepted to this scholarship. The scholarship will help pay Ms. Titml school expense for her under graduate studies.
Congratulations to Ms. Eleanor Titml from OTV 🙂
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