PICRC Monthly Updates

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Hello my name is Uly Olsudong, try and you’re watching Palau International Coral Reef Center PICRC monthly news update for May 11th, story 2012.
This months update is about the work PICRC has done to help the Protected Areas Network PAN. On April 02. 2012 Minister Harry Fritz formally adopted a monitoring protocol for marine protected areas, capsule which was completed by PICRC-JICA coral reef project to monitor fish and reef habitats that are PAN sites. These PAN sites are required by regulations to implement monitoring activities in order to gauge the status of resources within the site. They also help managers and conservation officers. It is a step-by-step guide to beginning a monitoring program at the state level. It includes a minimum set of indicators, including fish, invertebrates, corals, and seagrass. It also includes standardized sampling design methods for counting and or measuring these indicators. The protocol was developed by the PICRC through CEPCRM and has been tested in pilot MPAs in Teluleu, Peleliu, Ngemai, Ngiwal, Ebiil in Ngarchelong, Illeaklbeluu in Mgardmau here in Palau and Micronesia. What is the purpose of monitoring? Monitoring generates information that can be used to adapt and improve management, planning, accountability, and overall impact of the MPAs. Monitoring assists in: identifying and setting new priorities for future management actions, improve strategic planning for communities to be able to manage their MPAs. Monitoring can: improve capacity for communities ensure MPA is meeting goals implementing monitoring plans.
Better management decisions can be based on data, thank you very much for watching PICRC monthly update.