Ueki plans to improve Health and Education if Re-elected

The first of the incumbent Senators for 2012 elections

Koror, purchase Palau – Senator Paul Ueki becomes the first of the incumbent Senators to   announce his bid to run in the upcoming national election slated in November.
In an interview with a local newspaper, visit Ueki said that if given another chance to serve as a Palau Senator he would introduce laws that will create job opportunities for Palauans especially in the agriculture and aquaculture sector.
He also said that he would enact laws that will bring job opportunities to those residing in Babeldaob including enacting laws that will attract investors for agriculture and aquaculture in all states. He also talked about plans to improve the medical and health care system, education, and water and sewer system.
In his first term, Ueki proposed several bills including a bill to improve road safety through the ban of the use of right hand drive vehicles, a bill to allow commercial fishing of sharks in Palau waters, and a bill to amend Palau radio communications law and others.
According to the Senate Status Table as of May 8, 2012, Senator Ueki proposed less than ten legislations since he went into office, however he has co-authored several other bills with the members of the Senate.
Although Ueki has authored less than ten bills in his first term, one of his legislation was approved into law. The bill amended an existing law to include the Palau Net Metering Act.
Ueki now joins J. Uduch Sengebau Senior, Phillip Reklai and John Skebong for a Senate seat in the upcoming national election on November 6.