Chais Era Belau

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Angaur’s landlease agreement with the UKIH/Morrison Terminated

Attorney Carlos Salii who works on behalf of the landowners and trustees of landlease, try has given a notice of default and termination of the landlease agreement with the United Kingdom Investment Holdings and Morris Davidson. The notice of the default and termination is at the Supreme Court dated June 6, page 2012. The termination of the lease stated that the U.K. Investment Holdings should have started the construction 3 years after the lease agreement  is proposed  from 2002-2006. They stated that those individuals that are holding the lease shows that they didn’t have any purpose in preparing the development project in Angaur and that they left their responsibility to assist those who owns a property in Angaur.
National Government fails to stop KSG from Implementing new Fees
The national government failed in its effort to stop the implementation of Koror State government’s new rock island and jellyfish lake fees. On Thursday May 31, Associate Justice Alexandra Foster denied the national government’s motion to stop the implementation. Earlier reports shows that the Attorney General’s office filed a motion in court seeking a temporary restraining order against the increase. The national government filed the case arguing that there will be unspecified economic loss because tourists will travel elsewhere in light of the heightened fees. The court stated that nowhere in its briefing does the national government explain that this loss is not compensable by monetary damages. Because the national government failed to show irreparable harm the court denied its application for a temporary restraining order. The court also set a hearing on June 8th concerning the preliminary injunction. On June 1st, the Koror State Government implemented the new jellyfish lake and rock island fees.
Decompression Chamber not Operational due to Financial constraints
Divers who suffers decompression illness known as bends can’t be treated in Palau even though the Belau National Hospital is fully equipped with the hyperbaric chamber to deal with the problem. A pioneer in the diving and tourism industry alerted the Palau Visitors Authority PVA regarding that a diver was left untreated due to the decompression chamber not being operational. It is not operational due to mechanic malfunction, but due to no dedicated medical personnel to operate it without being compensated or reimbursed for services rendered. PVA Managing Director Darin De Leon said that this type of situation is of grave concern that needs to be addressed immediately for assurance of confidence and safety of divers vacationing, as well as to minimize negative reactions and impact damaging to Palau’s dive markets worldwide.
Survey shows Palau at risks of Elephantitis
A survey prepared by the Ministry of Health on June shows that Palau is still experiencing the disease known as the elephantitis. An elephantitis is caused by three specific kinds of round worms. The long, threadlike worms block the body’s lymphatic system—a network of channels, lymph nodes, and organs that helps maintain proper fluid levels in the body by draining lymph from tissues into the bloodstream. This blockage causes fluids to collect in the tissues, which can lead to great swelling, called “lymphedema.” Limbs can swell so enormously that they resemble an elephant’s foreleg in size, texture, and color. This is the severely disfiguring and disabling condition of elephantiasis. The disease has been in Palau for several years and it is known as a communicable disease that can be spread through a mosquito bite. For more information about the elephantitis please contact the Communicable Disease Unit CDU 488-2450.
 Palau Airways Update
Reports on the Palau Airways that recently took its first flight, stated that the airline will be bringing a 200 room cruise ship to Palau for their passengers. The flight has been bringing numerous tourists to Palau with 32 flights in one month and there are two new flight attendants that are currently under training and will soon be working on Palau Airways.
Woman Dies from Car Accident
On Sunday early morning a woman was reported to be hit by an unknown vehicle and was rushed to the Belau National Hospital with serious injury. The victim is known as Eva Maria Wong who was in her late 60’s and a regular early morning walker, participated in the Anti-Tobacco Walkathon which started at around 5am. At approximately 6am is the time when the tragic incident happened. At the intersection to Meyuns and Malakal in front of Palau Visitors Authority PVA she was completing her 10k walk and then a speeding vehicle arrived from Meyuns, when she was currently crossing the street turned into a fatal incident. She was rushed to the Belau National Hospital and was placed in a critical condition, but sadly died several hours later. The driver of the speeding vehicle was known  to be Alec Swei, an 18-year old graduate from Mindszenty High School class of 2012. Officers have taken the suspect, who was said to have received four awards during the commencement exercise that was held on June 2nd, 2012 the day before the accident, and is now placed under police custody.
Kayangel state election update
Mr. Jeff Titiml is now on his way to become the new Kayangel state governor with  a total vote of 149, while his opponent Esichang Takawo with only 97 votes. New candidates for the office of the state legislature includes Ricky Ngiraked, Harrington Olebuu, Richard Ngiraked, Elmis Ruluked, Asailee Yamada, Stevenson Mokisang, Jack Ngiraked, Inawo Sebaklim, Clifford Poch Osima, Midas Ngiracheluolu, Thomas Obak and Hadley Hesus. Citizens of Kayangel state approved of the two amendments for their constitution. One is to make their state election for every four years and not only two years, and second is to require the governor to reside in Kayangel during his or her time serving as a governor.
Hatohobei state election update
Reports from the state of Hatohobei held it’s election on the previous month of May and it looks like that the current governor of Hatohobei is in the lead Mr. Thomas Patris with 48 votes, while his opponent Dominic Emilio with 35 votes. Candidates for Lt. Governor is Jacqueline Victor with 77 votes who is in the running unopposed. Candidates for state legislature includes William Andrew, Francis Victor, Stella Patris, Sheila Pedro, Cheryl Patris, Albino Fernando, Sabina Andrew, Paul Homar, and Nemesio Andrew. Absentee ballots are only few so there will be no changes for the election results.
Diabetes sufferers at higher risk for TB
Health experts now report that diabetes sufferers are up to three times more likely to develop the lung infection known as tuberculosis. Experts from 19 Pacific nations and territories of the United States recently held a conference in Palau to discuss how and why the disease appear to converge. The secretariat of the Pacific Community’s TB advisor, Kerri Viney states that nutrition has changed constantly, significantly, and consequently that there’s large increase in over-weight and obesity, and then these people often go on to develop diabetes.  The experts have concluded that the impaired immunity caused by diabetes leads to a greater susceptibility for TB infection.
Four Faced Criminal Charges for taking of Dugongs and Lobsters
Four individuals are now facing several criminal charges for taking dugongs and berried lobsters. In Criminal Case No. 12-055, Helacio Ngiraibakes, Quincy Oiterong, Mers Ngitong and Hasinta Ngitong were charged at least 13 counts of criminal acts ranging from taking, possession, aiding and abetting or export of dugongs; prohibited acts; fishing for and possessing a female berried lobsters and aiding and abetting the taking and possession of a female berried lobsters. According to the affidavit of probable cause executed by Division of Fish and Wildlife Protection Officer Volette Polloi on Oct 3, 2011, received report stating that there were possible dugong remainings sighted at the Ngatpang state dock. The possible dugong remains included a head, liver, skin and intestines contained in a sack. The affidavit further added that on January 11, 2012, a confidential informant reported to the DFWP, stated that on Oct. 2, 2011, the informant witnessed Mr. Ngiraibakes and Mr. Oiterong unloading bags of suspicious meat from their from their boat to a cooler at the Ngatpang state dock. The DFWP officers later on searched Ngiraibakes residence and found berries lobsters in the freezer. The four suspected criminal soon admitted to DFWP officers for taking dugongs and berried lobsters and will now be facing criminal charges.