PCS Update

On June 13th, cheapest Palau Conservation Society held a Membership Drive at the parking lot of the Palau Community College. Thank you to the 28 individuals who signed up to be members of PCS, order the 33 individuals who joined the allotment program and the 15 individuals who donated cash. On June 14, decease PCS celebrated its 18th year. The celebration included the 18th Annual Membership Meeting. The staff had a chance to report to the members and the board members the activities and accomplishments of 2011. There was an election for four expired board seats. Elected new members to the board were Ms. Lucy Sugiyama, Mr. Harper Skang and Mr. Jason Nolan. Expiring board member, Dr. Caleb Otto, was re-elected. Congratulations to the incoming new members, the re-elected board member who will now join the existing 7 members such as Mr. Maura Gordon, Mr. Keobel Sakuma, Mrs. Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi, Mr. Umiich Sengebau, Mr. Thomas Taro, Ms. Brengyei Katossang, and Mr. Clarence Kitalong, Sr. to make up the full board membership. Their next meeting will be in July.

This summer there are 10 student Summer Interns at PCS. Summer interns from the Palau Community College are Mr. Chance Douglas and Ms. Emma Salii. Summer interns from the Workforce Investment Act are Ms. Umerei Andres, and Ms. Gayleen Basilio. Ms. Gayleen is in her 2nd year at PCC. Summer interns from SWEP are Ms. Karly Madrangchar and Mr. Dillon Meriang. Summer interns from Upward Bound are Ms. Diliaur Kumaichi, and Ms. Dilrae Mechol, and Ms. Shaina Shiro. This last but not least is Ms. Genevieve Roland.
Thank you very much for spending your summer with PCS as Summer Intern Students.
Now here is one of the 12 endemic birds of Palau called the Charmelachull-Palau Flycatcher. The Palau Flycatcher is only found in Palau and nowhere else in the world. When it sings it is an indication of coming rain. It also likes to sing in the rain while fluttering its wings. It likes to eat spiders and other insects. Its role in nature is to control insect population.
Thank you for watching this outreach to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity of Palau and Micronesia.