2012 Election Update Jun. 29, 2012

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Social media continues to dominate campaigns this year.OTV recently learned that candidates has set up their facebook page in a unique approach to deliver their marks and promote their candidacy to registered voters.

Candidates’s facebook page, mind which were set up weeks ago are receiving hundreds of likes,a facebook term indicating that a person likes this page and contents in it. Through social media, candidates are receiving a lot of support and are able to extend their reach to voters abroad. For those who does not know what social media is. In a nutshell it’s a web or online-based interaction between individuals, organizations and basically everyone who has access to a computer and the Internet. After researching online, OTV found that Presidential candidate Tommy Remengesau Jr and Vice Presidential candidate Stevenson Kuartei both have profiles set up on facebook. Other candidates also have facebook profiles, however they were initially set up as their personal page and not for campaigning. In addition, Remengesau who has a headquarter established in Malakal, is also setting up an additional headquarter in Medalaii for his youth supporters line with the domination of social media this election year, online polling’s continues. Last week, polling’s for Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates were posted. Now this week, Senate and House of Delegate polling’s have been posted for those  candidates who have either registered or announced their candidacy. So let’s take a look at the results as of Thursday June 28 on palau2012. Senate candidates received a total of 571 votes. Leading is Senator Surangel Whipps Jr with 10 percent, both Senator Camsek Chin and J. Uduch Sengebau Senior follows with 9 percent one vote separates the two. The Senate polling includes all 13 current Senators, senate candidates and some who have not declared. In the Delegates section, only 21 votes were made 19 percent of that vote chose the other   option, followed by Lentcer Basilius and Brian Melairei both at 14 percent and both  running for Melekeok Delegate. The full results of both polling’s can be viewed on  this week OTV learned  that more people have publicly showed interest to  run in this upcoming election for the 9th Olbiil Era Kelulau. According to the election  office, a candidate is not required to register prior to campaigning. So those who  have registered for the Senate thus far are: J. Uduch Sengebau Senior, Phillip Reklai, John Skebong, Joel Toribiong, Caleb Otto and Kathy Kesolei. Those who have begun campaigning, have  showed their interest or have declared their  candidacy, but have not officially registered are: Raynold Oilouch, Salvador  Remoket, Gale Ngirmidol,  Regis Akitaya, Alan Seid, Moses Uludong, Ernest Ongidobel and Dilmei Olkeriil. According to Santy Asanuma, Dilmei Olkeriil,  Alan Seid, Moses Uludong and Dr.Caleb Otto are all running under the Palau People’s Committee Movement platform. Now for the House of Delegates, those who have officially registered are: Frank Kyota for Airai, Marino Ngemaes for Aimeliik, Lentcer Basilius for Melekeok, Secilil Eldebechel for Ngchesar, Joseph Giramur for Peleliu, Horace Rafael for Angaur, and Alexander Merep for Koror. Not pictured, but also in the race are Edwin Chiokai for Kayangel and Masao Salvador for Ngarchelong. Those who have shown interest, have started campaigning or have declared, but have not registered are: Kalistus Ngirturong for Aimeliik, Brian Melairei for Melekeok and Gibson Kanai for Ngaraard. According to the Election  Office, no new candidates  have registered this week. As of today, 6 and half weeks remain until the closing of registration for nominating petition. The primary election is set for  September 25th and the general election follows on  November 6. OTV will  68continue updating the public  on election-related events  and news as we continue to 9countdown the days until the Election Day.Visit www.oceaniatv.net for updates and also give us your feedbacks.

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