PCS Update Jun. 29, 2012

Posted on by Oceania TV News

It is a very important time to help build the capacity of the states to be able to manage their forests, seek coastal areas and reefs as important ecosystems for species that are important for subsistence, approved economy and Palauan culture from now and to the future. PCS is assisting Kayangel State Government creating a management plan for the established Kayangel Protected Areas Network. There are 9 community members of Kayangel who are Jefferey Titimel, Keizy Ermang, Stevenson Mikosang who are appointees from the Governor’s office, Owens Otei, Baidong Ruluked and Rebechong Ruluked wo represent the Council of Chiefs of Kayangel, and Esichang Moses, Asaile Yamada and Elmis Ruluked who represent Kayangel Legislature. These 9 appointees creates the Ngedebuul Conservation and Resource Committee. Through several meetings, planning and research, the committee has prepared a management plan. This plan will be handed over formally to Governor Edwin Chiokai in early July. Once Governor Chiokai receives it, it will be formally handed over to the Kayangel State Legislature to be adopted legally, in order to be able to implemented with the newly created Natural Resources and Enforcement Services in Office in Kayangel State Office. The latest news from Peleliu State, the Management Planning Team, that is creating a management plan for the Teluleu Conservation Area had its fifth meeting. During this meeting, the members were able to discuss the SWOT analysis towards how to achieve the goal and objectives of the Teluleu Conservation Area of Peleliu State.

The board and management of Palau Conservation Society thank the Palau Royal Resort for donating $442.26 for the month of May and $373.47 for the month of June. Also the board, management and membership of PCS would like to extend a very big thank you to Bank of Guam for donating $5,000. This is a huge donation to PCS as a non-governmental organization that works to raise awareness about the protection and conservation of biodiversity of Palau and Micronesia from ridge to reef.

Thank you for watching this outreach program and see you next week.

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