House urges President to establish hospital task force

A House Joint Resolution was introduced urging the President of the Republic of Palau to create a task force to conduct a feasible study to enable Belau National Hospital to be financially independent. The resolution, troche which was introduced by Delegate Lentcer Basilius of Melekeok State, this site also proposes the transfer of all financial functions of health services from the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Health. It also stated that the Belau National Hospital, under the Ministry of Health has been relying on the Ministry of Finance for management and disbursement of its finances including its annual budget, federal grants from the United States and from other countries. The arrangement has reportedly been proven to be liability to the Belau National Hospital and that funding for health services are often diverted for other priorities and that cash flow problems are constantly confronted by the national government. The resolution further stated that the Belau National Hospital must have secured funding to ensure that shortage of medicine doesn’t occur and funding must be available for any medical emergencies. It is anticipated that financial independence of the Belau National Hospital under the supervision of the Ministry of Health will allow for accountability of funding appropriated for the improvement of health services to the general public.