Massive landslide causes road to close in Palau

Palau landslide

Koror, Palau – On the eve of Sunday September 16, a massive landslide caused by rainy weather collapsed onto the road in the east side of Babeldaob resulting in its closure pending further notice.
The Bureau of Public Safety under the Ministry of Justice immediately made an announcement advising the community about the situation and to seek other alternative routes such as the west side of the compact road or the Koksai road to travel to Ngchesar, Melekeok or Ngiwal State.
Large amount of earth, vegetation and sludge is covering both sides of the road as a result of the landslide.
A few yards from where the large landslide sits, another part of the road is covered with small amounts of earth and vegetation also as a result of heavy rains.

Palau landslide
Landslide in Ngchesar on the eve of Sunday September 16, 2012. Photo: OTV News Staff

Some parts of the east compact road collapsed due to heavy rains and have remained unrepaired until today, however the U.S Army of Engineers have been assisting Palau through a series of consultations to repair the collapsed portions of the compact road.
Fortunately, the road in Ngchesar did not collapse and is only covered with dirt. Work is anticipated to start soon to clear up the mess and make the road accessible to drivers.