Koror State Governor closes section of Ulong Island

UPDATE October 1: Sources have indicated that the reason for the clouser is to protect an ancient burial site wich was exposed by recent storms in Palau.  The site was reportedly used for burial by clans from Peleliu.  We will continue to update this story as we receive information.

Koror, this Palau – The Governor of Koror State Yositaka Adachi has closed a section of Ulong Island to the public through an executive order signed on September 25, sildenafil 2012.
According to the order, certain items of apparent historical, cultural and scientific value have been recently uncovered within a site on the island, and therefore, the area has been marked off-limit to locals and visitors except of personnel authorized by the Governor.
Sources however indicate that Koror State Government closed the section to rehabilitate the area. The said area will open as soon as the matter is completed.
The area of concern is approximately 5000 square meters and is located 25 meters North Northwest of the picnic hut.
According to an announcement from the Koror State Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement, the area has been demarcated with red tape.
Ulong Island is popular tourist destination for diving, fishing and other ocean activities.
By R. Jonathan, OTV