PPUC Board appoints new interim GM, Sugiyama’s tenure ends

Koror, check Palau – Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) Board of Directors on September 28 announced that a new interim general manager has been appointed.

Lorenzo Mamis has been appointed by the board to serve as interim general manager beginning October 1 until the board hires someone to fill the position permanently.
Current interim managing director and board member John Sugiyama was appointed by the Board in May to take the position temporarily, generic which he is set to complete on Sunday September 30. Following Sugiyama’s appointment, many sought legal opinions regarding the matter including some members of the Board.
A legal opinion obtained from Dengokl, Dimitruk & Nakamura states, “that Sugiyama’s appointment to assume the powers of the PPUC general on a temporary basis while remaining a PPUC director is improper”.
However, according to Chairman Temmy Shmull, Sugiyama served as a GM without pay and without any contractual agreement in regards to his temporary post as he was not hired but appointed.
Shmull addressed Mamis’ appointment during a lunch meeting with PPUC employees disclosing that the board could not reach a decision based on the previous applicants, but is hopeful that they will find a qualified candidate by the end of the year.
He further revealed that the GM/CEO position will solicit more applications from qualified persons.
Both Sugiyama and Shmull urged the employees to assist, support and cooperate with Mamis during his tenure as interim GM of PPUC.
By R. Jonathan, OTV