Palau residents encouraged to prepare for Typhoon Bopha

By Rolynda Jonathan

Koror, link Palau – The National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) has issued a public announcement requesting the public to prepare for Typhoon Bopha.
As of today, Tropical Storm Bopha was located southwest of Chuuk State and moving west southwest at 14 miles per hour. It is expected to upgrade to typhoon later tonight southeast of Satawal in Yap State and continue its westward path toward Palau.
Palau is expected to experience increased wind speeds by Friday or Saturday.
The National Emergency Committee (NEC) and NEMO are requesting the public to being preparing for Typhoon Bopha such as preparing an emergency package with water and food as well as boarding up windows and trimming trees around properties to prevent damages.
Additionally, the U.S Embassy has issued an alert to all American citizens in Palau about the possibility of severe weather from Tropical Storm Bopha. The Embassy further urged each citizen to identify shelter, monitor local radio and media reports as well as follow all official instructions.
At the meantime, outlying states such as Kayangel, Peleliu, and Angaur are encouraging its citizens to start stocking up on supplies particularly food, water and candles to last at least three days.
In Kayangel State, citizens are expected to move to three designated typhoon shelters by tomorrow afternoon namely the state office, the hospital and the school building. However, there is no evacuation plan to Koror at this time.
Similarly, Angaur and Peleliu are also encouraging its citizens to stock up on necessary supplies and seek a typhoon shelter for safety.
The National Emergency Committee and its members such as the Palau Public Utilities Corporation and Red Cross are meeting later this afternoon in preparation for Typhoon Bopha, which is being predicted to make landfall in Palau on Sunday December 3rd.

Tropical Storm Bopha track image from Joint Typhoon Weather Center (JTWC) on Thursday November 29, 2012