Palau's Jellyfish Lake Closed Until Further Notice Following Typhoon Bopha

By Kassi Berg

Palau’s most popular tourist destination, more about Jellyfish Lake, is closed until further notice in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Bopha. This announcement was issued on December 5, 2012 and is effective immediately. Jellyfish Lake will be reopened once it is deemed safe for visitors.
Palau’s historic lighthouse collapsed into the water as a result of the Typhoon with only its foundation now exposed in low tide.  Boaters are cautioned to navigate the channel slowly and watch for the newly installed demarcation buoy and red flag. In addition, as a consequence of the Typhoon, Palau’s waters are unusually murky and boat operators are forewarned that new sandbars have been created and other areas that were once navigable may no longer be accessible.
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Update:  On December 5, 2012, subsequent to the initial public notice, Director of Koror State’s Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement announced that the clean-up  is now complete and Jellyfish Lake will re-open.