SOS Letter From Feng Jui "Richard" Huang

This is a direct google translation of a letter posted in Mandarian by Feng Jui (aka “Richard”) Huang online.

SOS SOS from Palau
Because time is running out, prostate and in the case of many network conditions’ call was listening only through a combined network to seek the assistance of the people of good will between the parties, buy more about the to pray can retain residual life lead to one, why today is completely unable to clean up the situation, and facing the threat of death, the following summary by me Syria complaint process:
One day in February 2010, the Japan Fuji Palau downtown restaurant with friends Dining, dinner, see a waitress from the Philippines, long very cute, while the store opened friend Senator Hokkons Baules During the meal the waiter in conversation a few words and left the restaurant, give some small fee, after several opportunities visitors need to recommend a good restaurant, so I led to the restaurant, (Note: I operate in Palau a motel called DW, often due to the demand for housing off, will give a recommended restaurant or place) and therefore increase the opportunity to chat with the waitress, and it lasts two weeks, and finally the phone number of the waitress, by simply training the girls arrived in Palau to work every day life in the high pressure under the management of a week is just one hour can be outside on the church, strictly forbidden to go out, Heart mercy, so Almost the next day by dining opportunities to see her give some small fee, to help her as much as possible, the Senator called me in one day in April, and I hope I can help him Restaurant purchase Taiwan-made mahogany chair, suddenly asked after I find some photos of Daxi furniture factory, he looked after, I felt very satisfied, said to be given One one hundred, and I said no problem, I will Inquiry to the factory, he said thank you my word, I see you often to my restaurant, if you have like which girl?: because you are my good friend, so I allow you and then I pick any one of them girls when the restaurant waiter, he added your girlfriend, and the moment I am delighted very, so I like that girl called Mercy told him he was personally promised me: Good, I agree, that evening, I once again to the restaurant to see Senator, after a short few minute again confirmed that he agreed to our contacts, the moment he stood up and announced that from now on, Mercy is the girlfriend of my friend Richard, commute time he was responsible for Shuttle to all employees of the restaurant, thought the matter on this successful , not knowing that one hour after I finished eating, received simple training, the girl said, her boss after I left, and told her that from this can not meet me, work can only stay in the side of the sushi counter screens to block I immediately burst confused, to say who wondered why the senators and people claiming to be my friend, that they please, I did not give up, hair simple training has been with the girl, and finally learned that the Senator is just an excuse to buy a chair, in fact, to prohibit his staff, I have contacts her girls as the exclusive domain of all his restaurants, all the waitresses, all of his sexual partners, the long-term absorption with habits of marijuana, at any time in the women’s toilet any waitress who cheated, this girl Mercy in the last newsletter told me her boss sets her to an apartment Oshima, said to her: you know why to Palau to work, because I like you so you can here, and I hope to able to have sexual relations with you, the moment girl refused to just phone senators back to the city, the girl was not violated, also after they returned to the restaurant, the girl was Senator before kissing to get off, and pay close attention to her thighs a days come, let the girl get off, so the senator drove away the girls fear in the heart, scared crying that night restaurant closing send a text message to me, and said she was ready to flee the restaurant dormitory to the Philippines Embassy, ??I said, let me set out her to go to reach the embassy in the early morning of the next day 4/27/2011 8:00, five minutes after the Senator then arrived, entered the embassy door rushed in front of me in one hand and grabbed my glasses in one hand and punched able to access my face hit, and several times a curse I say: You son of bitch I wanna kick you out from Palau The two staff members of the Embassy of the Philippines, shot to stop his atrocities, and he go to the ambassador’s office, embassy staff then called me to leave in advance, they told me that the girl is very safe here, but to persuade them do not keep up Contact this girl, I heart afraid, and quickly phoned the President, Mr. President Johnson advised me immediately to the police report, after I went to Taiwan Embassy filing my embassy officials said they would pay attention to it development, after I left and complete the report in the local police in the afternoon. originally wanted the matter can temporarily come to an end, but the senator did not stop the action Hazing in other restaurant I went to buy breakfast, and delivered him car parked directly behind my car, trying to prevent my escape route, and then again to report before I left, the girl told me: Philippine Embassy officials tried to persuade her to go home, she said no one can Doude Guo Senator, before and after have been more than twenty victims, some pregnant ‘some sick after listening, I am here seemingly peaceful’ closest diplomatic allies, but are forced to go back and actually see surface., I asked the girl you want to go home? I can help you, she said to come here in his hometown borrowed a lot of money, home did nothing, and I told her I try to see if to help her, the Philippine embassy said, unless she can find a new job and Sponsor, I do not know where compassion and courage, and promised to help her find a variety of methods to let her stay a few months later after an investigation, this Office the owner of the restaurant is not the senator himself, but his son when the head, so agree that all employees can separate escape to find a job and change jobs, so I put the girls do it I DW Hotels to work after you wait for the judicial process number of records due to of recidivism ‘violent’ sexual assault, until June of this year, court, Senator, only by the court sentenced to a term of 90 days, the moment we also believe that Palau justice In fact, during this period due to friends are willing to Palau and investment such as massage parlors’ clinics, so I am also involved in the investment, to say the calm days to also rest assured that the investment and construction, also after a very compact arrangement, and finally massage parlors in the September 1 of this year. smooth opening, the senator also did not expect the 6th release from prison in September, was released from prison on the third day to the massage parlor personally went to Mercy, and the harassment of the language ‘after every few days to a massage parlor to ask this girl did not In this work, etc., resulting in girl fear, and then also to the police report again later hearing, the prosecutor claimed to Senator six months in prison, but the trial judge Palau local female judge, only to give the court warned that prolong the duration of the injunction only court to release Senator, we in addition to frustration, no other way, they leave the court after a design bureau embarked, he bribed a massage parlor chef named LUCY, this woman had in the last year due to the original employer requirements repatriation cry for help in front of me, in my case except for the one day aging through the First Lady calls the original employer to re-appoint him to his vigor and help her pay the cost of the work permit, the friend of all who knew him LUCY say I saved her, and gave her the job opportunity, never imagined she would be bought did not have their utmost to fabricate a lie to cook up charges and instigation The massage parlors employees to Palau and Labour Bureau report, said I threatened them to engage in prostitution ‘money laundering, so after they are 12/21 this year to leave the massage parlor quarters, the next day 12/22 o’clock local police held a search warrant gathering evidence to my hotel, during the removal of the massage parlors no hotel working capital U.S. $ 13,000, including two of my personal name for Hotels passenger vehicles, bank passbook ‘checks, etc., and did not give completely complaints opportunity to search finished is not the list of documents to the goods seized that night Worse still, in the case of not notify all, actually allows informant staff took away all my property and possessions, spot the presence of police officers and t
he Office laissez-faire former employees occupied almost openly looting behavior, and I do not receive a report after police respond.
After 12/23 and 12/24 is a Saturday ‘Day so all things can not progress, so I went to the most famous local lawyer Oldiais, originally made an appointment to nine o’clock, but was delayed until mid-afternoon until Monday, Mr. President introduced action lawyer (the day of the Palau National only a half day classes) lawyers informed, but the president personally introduced his inconvenience refuse AG prosecutor’s office, so the moment you call, the fact that everyone from work, lawyers just do frill to the president to see nothing, and later a lawyer just like I talk about 12/26 Wednesday, is dragged for nearly five o’clock pm to meet, with predictable results, and lawyers rejected the appointment requirements, any lawyer in Palau could be bribed or when the good guys, there is no protection of foreign-just the surface feels they are legal, disappointed, call me massage parlors local boss Marsie He assured me that it does not matter that we will win this lawsuit, told me to think of ways to find the money to give him a lawyer, in order to obtain my trust, I reveal a message, Tibetan mirror is Senator Hokkons Baules have to go to the prison today, prison guards said: That’s Taiwanese be taken into custody, and called the prison guards must immediately notify the Senator himself, through reliable sources, as long as I have a jail detention center, will immediately be prisoners in the same prison to assassinate.
I got this message, immediately call my embassy Lee secretary, and her description I tried to find a lawyer to help me through any of my friends’ pipeline, but helpless until today 12/27 no lawyer willing to take the case, If no solicitor, in writing the application to retrieve the object cash vehicles detained but has nothing to do with this case, it is absolutely impossible, no cash ‘do not have a car, so I am now in a completely helpless state, while the embassy only on the case after the establishment of further response, but the estimated the Palau seized Police surface faster than normal, soon in the prosecutor vacation back to Palau, I do not have a lawyer litigation case immediately ordered into custody custody after gravely ill, someone will want to since you have known President Does he not protect you? because his term of office only two weeks. Palau people will never be offended because foreigners own their own people, not to mention Senator Hokkons currently is under any of the senators, so I am in the most desperate at this time, the only time to write this letter, I hope through the power of the Internet, can not I seek first-line vigor, if, unfortunately, have to face death, that bulletin for help to take this letter to the people of Taiwan, do not come to this country to invest or travel, because the former embassy secretary to tell me that we Taiwanese in Palau in the eyes of third-class nationals, my death wish to recommend that the Taiwan government to immediately stop the $ 10 million a year in aid of Palau, as well as other agricultural corporations ‘government’ or volunteer groups Palau to assist as a warning to the Palau government does not the harm Taiwan businessmen that allows a politician to do whatever they want, conscientious patience to read this letter, you can not help please bless me grateful V to this soul in heaven will protect your family healthy ‘happy life in the future.