PPUC Accused Of Water Delivery Problem – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
 The Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) has issued a statement saying that the Corporation is not responsible for the current water delivery problem.
 On January 26-27, viagra buy the Bureau of Public Works shut off water services in parts of Koror due to a leakage problem, but some areas have been experiencing water problems long before the Bureau shut off services.
 Public Works Director Techur Rengulbai told reporters that the water delivery problem is a direct result of PPUC’s newly installed generators. However, PPUC has been contracting Surangel Company for water delivery for the last two months, which raises questions regarding the real source of the problem.
 Prior to the leakage problem, some areas have been experiencing slow water pressure and at times no water at all. The Bureau is reportedly working on identifying the problem and will issue a statement when the problem has been identified. As for PPUC, they will continue contracting Surangel Company for water until they find other sources to cool down power generators.