Leo Foundation And The Pohnpei Women Council Holds Fundraising For The State Hospital – VIDEO

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By Darsy Augustine, order FSM Correspondent
 On January 26, approved the Leo Etscheit Foundation and the Pohnpei Women Council organized a raffle event to conclude their efforts in raising funds towards the purchase of a much needed equipment for the state hospital.
 The event began on December 1, click 2012 to celebrate Leo Etscheit Foundation’s 26th anniversary said Ronny Pretrick of Leo Etscheit Foundation. The main purpose of the events that began on December is to raise funds to purchase the cryotherapy system for use at the state hospital.
 As of date, the events have raised $5,000 towards the purchase of the cryotherapy system. The equipment has been ordered and will arrive in Pohnpei soon said Pretrick.
 The Foundation partnered up with the Pohnpei Council Women for this project to meet the needs of the community.
 “Our role is mostly targeting what’s needed in the community, which is health issues of women,” said Berno Hedson, Secretary of Pohnpei Women Council. “We are glad that we partnered with the Leo Etscheit Foundation to raise funds to purchase this very valuable equipment for the Pohnpei Hospital.”