Palau Struggles to Maintain Basic Services

Power blackouts, pills water outages and sewer backups are all becoming major concerns for residents and visitors.  An outdated, viagra 40mg overstressed and unmaintained water and sewer system is creating a growing number of power and health issues.  According to reports, cheapest a large number of leaks are causing low or no water pressure across much of Koror, Palau’s population center.  While the standard pressure for water delivery should be 30 psi, the pressure of homes and businesses around Koror ranges from 20 psi to 0 psi.  Some tour operators and hotels are having to truck water in just to maintain operation.

Water trickles from a faucet in Malakal, Palau

Palau Public Utility Corporation is also bringing in water on a 24-hour basis to keep the generators running.  The new generators use an evaporation technique for cooling requiring thousands of gallons a day.  When the water truck broke down the generators had to be shut off leaving homes and businesses without power for hours on Tuesday afternoon.
The leaks across the system have led to water rationing with the water being turned off from 10p until 6a which allows for the tanks in Airai to refill overnight.  According to a press release the rationing will occur until further notice.
The water pressure has been declining for some time leaving many homes without water for over six months.  One resident has been bringing his children to a local tour company to shower but now the tour company does not have water and the showers have been turned off.
Compounding the issue is the sewer system, which is also showing sign of stress.  Sewers are backing up on a regular basis with some expelling a continuous trickle of raw sewage for months.  A restaurant in Koror regularly experiences wafts of raw sewage near the dinner hour, a stench the locals call “Eau De Toilet.  In other areas a steady stream of raw sewage flows from a manhole through a neighborhood and into the bay.
Raw sewage flows near a hotel

With a continuous rise in tourism many residents are wondering how the antiquated water and sewer systems will continue to operate with the growing demands.  The Palau Water and Sewer Company which was created last year to deal with the issues is in limbo while the discussion on whether to merge PWSC with the Public Utilities Corporation.
by Jeffrey Barabe