New program brings American Sign Language to Chuuk – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
 A new educational program has been established in Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia introducing the American Sign Language.
The Deaf WorldTeach program began in early January particularly to help deaf children and their families.
Dr. Judy Coryell of the Kapi’olani Community College who worked on bringing the program to the Micronesia community says the having Deaf WorldTeach volunteers as role models, physician mentors and teachers can change the quality of life for deaf children and their families.
The program is gained popularity amongst students at the Chuuk High School with its newly established American Sign Language (ASL) Club as an afterschool program.
Not only is it being implemented in the high school level, volunteers are also conducting classes in the elementary school and community level.
Deaf children and adults are being encouraged to participate in the program. Deaf adults are also being recruited to support and teach classes as role models.
The program was established through a partnership with Dr. Judy Coryell of the Kapi’olani Community College, Mellanie Lee of the University of Hawai’i, Manoa and the World Teach Organization.