Palau Court Orders Two Teens To Serve Remainder Of Jail Sentence – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
 On February 11, price Associate Justice Kate Salii ordered a 16-year old juvenile to serve a five-year jail sentence after failing to comply with the conditions set forth in his probation.
 The Attorney General’s office in a press release to the media states that the teen was in court for the fifth time regarding the status of his probation for a grand larceny charge. After continuously violating the terms of his probation and committing a new crime while on probation, the court determined that all other options have been exhausted and ordered the teen to serve jail time.
 Similarly on January 30, in a case before Associate Justice Lourdes Materne another 16-year old teen was ordered to serve jail time for probation violation and for also committing a new crime while on probation. Similar to the case before Justice Salii, Justice Materne determined that the all options have been exhausted and the juvenile was sentenced to serve 5-years in jail.
 The 16-year old was on probation for charges of grand larceny and petty larceny. The court noted that although sentencing the two juveniles to prison is not favorable, there was no other option.