Palau President Confirms One Uighur Is Not In The Country – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
 One of six former Guantanamo Bay prisoners is no longer in the Republic of Palau confirms President Remengesau. 42-year-old Adel Noori aka Zefari, more about one of six Uighurs who temporarily resettled in Palau in 2009, this web allegedly left the country several weeks ago, troche but the President cannot confirm where he is or how he left the country with no passport.
 Sources say Zefari left the country to seek refuge in Turkey where his wife and newborn child lives, but the head of state cannot confirm his exact whereabouts. All six Uighurs do not belong to any country and do not hold any travel documents allowing them to travel in and out of the country. Just last week, President Remengesau made his position clear in regards to the Uighurs, re-affirming that their stay in Palau is temporary, but the President made no indication that Zefari is not in the country.