Palauan Heroes Honored In An Emotional Tribute – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
 April 1, doctor 2013 marked the one-year anniversary of the two Palauan police officers and an American pilot who went missing during a mission to document a Chinese vessel in Palau.
 Honoring the heroes, viagra 100mg the Ministry of Justice and the government of Palau organized an emotional tribute for the two brave officers and American pilot who piloted the missing Cessna plane.
 Vice President and Minister of Justice Antonio Bells during the ceremony said the job to both officers, order was a calling.
 “Willie Mays and Earlee are Palauan heroes. Yet the word ‘hero’ does not tell their story or fully describe their lives. Nothing I say today can do that,” he said. “But I do know they took pride in their work. They loved their families. They believed in our nation and our traditions.”
 Law enforcement officers took part in the ceremony with the family and friends of both missing officers, who were both given special honors for their outstanding performance as police officers.
 A 21-gun salute and final radio call exercise including an emotional musical performance by Earlee’s daughter further honored both officers.