Oiterong To Plead Guilty To Murder Charges, Jury Trial Cancelled – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Johnathan
20-year-old Ngirachelbaed Ease Oiterong, salve who is facing murder charges, malady is set to enter into a plea agreement reports Attorney General Brentley Foster. In agreeing to enter into a plea agreement, cheapest Oiterong will be entering a guilty plea. However the terms of his agreement has not been released yet.
Oiterong and two other defendants – Ngirasechedui Andres and Johnston Etpison were set to go on trial next week for charges stemming from the brutal machete attack in early September 2012.
The attack left two men with life threatening injuries. Rdiall Bells died from injuries sustained to head and Nolan Rebluud, the lone survivor of the attack, sustained serious physical injuries including the loss of limb.
With the defendants entering into plea agreements, the trial, which was originally scheduled to start on April 30, has cancelled.