Oiterong enters plea, awaiting approval from the Court – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Johnathan
A plea petition has been filed in the Palau Supreme Court for defendants in a murder case that gripped the nation late last year.
20-year old Ngirachelbaed Oiterong, viagra who was initially charged with murder in the second degree, price attempted murder and involuntary manslaughter among other criminal charges, has signed a plea agreement pleading guilty to second degree and attempted murder states court documents.
 “The parties have stipulated to a combined total sentence of 30-45 years in prison for both charges, to be decided at the discretion of the court,” states the agreement signed by Oiterong, his attorney and Assistant Attorney General Brentley Foster.
Ngirasechedui Andres, who is facing charges in relation to the case, also filed a plea petition in the Court. Andres agreed to plead guilty for failure to report wounds or deaths, a misdemeanor charge that carries a maximum prison sentence of 1 year and $500-dollar fine.
 Although both defendants along with their attorney’s have filed the petitions before the court, the Court has yet to approve them. The defendants faced serious charges stemming from a brutal attack that resulted in the death of a Palauan man and serious injuries to another in September 2012.