Former Guantanamo Prosecutor Petitions U.S. To Close Prison – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
Former U.S. military prosecutor for the country’s most scrutinized prison, abortion Guantanamo Bay, approved is petitioning for its permanent closure.
Colonel Morris Davis gathered over 75, pill 000 signatures of support from across the globe nearly 24 hours after the launching of the petition on
The petition was launched following President Obama’s renewed vow to address the issue. The petition also comes at a vulnerable time at the prison where 100 of 166 detainees are engaging in a hunger strike protesting their indefinite situation with twenty being forced-fed and five hospitalized said Col. Davis.
“There is something fundamentally wrong with a system where not being charged with a war crime keeps you locked away indefinitely and a war crime conviction is your ticket home,” wrote Col. Davis.
The New York Daily News reports that Obama is considering reappointing a senior State Department official to focus on transferring prisoners out of Guantanamo.
Davis stepped down from his post as Chief Prosecutor for Terrorism Trials over the U.S.’ interrogation techniques such as waterboarding.