Palau's Salary Reduction Bill Passed In The OEK – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
The Olbiil Era Kelulau, pilule Palau’s legislative body has passed a bill proposing to reduce the salaries of the government’s top officials.
On May 3rd, information pills the Senate approved the bill, which proposes to amend the Uniform Compensation Act to reduce salaries of the Senators and Delegates. Although approved by the Senate, the bill if it becomes law would only reduce the Senator’s salary by $5,000.
The proposal creates a separate salary level for the members of the OEK, with senators reducing their pay from $50,000 to $45,000 while the Delegates remain at $50,000 per year.
Earlier reports indicate that the House of Delegates disagreed with the Senate’s proposal to reduce salaries of both Houses. In their report, the House stated that public opinions believe that salaries of OEK members should be commensurated with pay.
The bill is now before the President and if it becomes law it will take effect in the 10th OEK.