Marshalls continue to struggle with prolonged dry weather – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
The Northern Marshall Islands is expected to battle the prolonged dry weather until July. Predicted rainfalls in July are expected to provide some relief to drought-affected areas, sildenafil but experts say it could take a year for crops to fully recover.
As the drought intensifies, viagra 100mg UNICEF warned about possible outbreaks of sickness from lack of clean water. UNICEF’s chief of policy and advocacy, Samantha Cocco-Klein says, “It is essential to work to prevent the outbreak of diarrhea and other infections which can be fatal to young children. Without clean water to drink, wash and prepare food with, infections can easily spread. The emergency response should consider how water is purified, stored and used, and continuously remind affected families of the need to keep children safe.”
More aid continues to pour in to help residents in these areas. Earlier this week, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced $100,000-dollar emergency grant to the Marshall Islands.
The funds aims to help the country provide emergency relief to affected areas.