Palau Prepares For Application Of Drones In Maritime Surveillance – VIDEO

Posted on by Oceania TV News
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By Rolynda Jonathan

Aerosonde, price a U.S. based company is set to hold surveillance trials using unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in line with Palau’s vision to ban all commercial fishing in the country’s exclusive economic zone.

The President disclosed that the company is set to arrive in August 2013 to demonstrate the use and capability of drones in maritime surveillance.

During their recent visit to Palau, Aerosonde concluded in its preliminary report that the concept of using drones for surveillance is “entirely feasible”.

The report indicated that a small system of drones could provide patrol of high risk poaching areas, healing reduce the patrol load and cost of operating Palau’s patrol boat as well as provide legally admissible video evidence of illegal fishing activities.

At his weekly press conference on May 22, Remengesau explained that the Republic is also working with donor partners, NGO’s and private investors in seeking funding for this system of surveillance.

A study group has also been created by the President to look into options that could help offset economic loss, look into the overall economic impact and methods in enforcing the foreign commercial fishing ban.

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