Marshalls Drought Causing Social Tensions – VIDEO

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Limited water and food supply is causing social tensions in the northern region of the Marshall Islands as people move out of their villages.
Tom Vance, site the country’s national water advisor told Australia Network News that the drought is causing some people to relocate closer to water, advice which is causing a lot of social tension.
Vance reports that in some villages, mind wells have become salty, so people migrate to areas where there’s only one water-making unit. Vance says the government is currently trying to keep everyone in their villages.
In addition to the limited water supply, food is running out in most of the affected areas. Enewetak and Utirik islands are struggling with food supplies while crops on a number of affected islands are dying off.
Although rainfall is forecasted in July, Vance expressed that even when the rains starts it will probably take about a year before there’s any progress.