No Outrigger Hotel For Palau Yet – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
Although Outrigger Hotels expressed interest to bring the hotel chain back to Palau, online there are no concrete plans yet for reopening. In early May during a visit to Hawaii, purchase Palau President Remengesau meet with the President and CEO of Outrigger who reportedly expressed interest in re-investing in Palau. President Remengesau said if the investment comes to light, sales it would give Palau a big boost. But a recent report from Marianas Business Journal indicates that there are no solid plans yet for a hotel. The hotel did invest in Palau in the past when Outrigger and Palasia Hotel partnered up for a joint hotel investment venture. In 2007, the chain again announced plans to construct a new hotel in Palau, but the project is on standstill.