Palauan Woman Killed In Missouri Shooting – VIDEO

Posted on by Oceania TV News

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By Rolynda Jonathan

A 54-year woman from Palau was among the victims of a fatal shooting in Saint Louis, buy Missouri last week. The woman, Bernice Solomon-Reed, daughter of a former Palau Seventh Day Adventist pastor was shot to death at the AK Home Health Care in a Somali populated community. Reed an employee of the Health Care business was reportedly shot by co-owner Ahmed Dirir. During the tragic event, the shooter also killed two family relatives, one of whom is reportedly the co-owner of the said business. Authorities are still struggling to make sense of the situation and understand what led to the tragic event, however surveillance footage shows that Dirir was involved in some type of argument before he pulled a semi automatic .40 caliber glock. The community along with the families of the victims is in a state of stock. Reed’s brother Bunton Solomon drove from Nebraska to attend to his sister’s funeral service. The last time he saw her was on his daughter’s graduation back in May. Solomon told reporters that before Reed moved to St. Louis she attended a college in Nebraska after moving from Palau in 1975. She later moved to St. Louis. Police are still investigating the shooting.

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