Woman Faces Human Trafficking Charges For Illegal Recruitment – VIDEO

Posted on by Oceania TV News

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By Rolynda Jonathan

Palau Attorney General’s office has filed a human trafficking case in court against an individual who has been running an illegal recruitment business on island. Beth Adelbai a.k.a Lilibeth Sison, more about a Filipino national reportedly married to a Palauan is facing charges of people trafficking, this exploiting a trafficked person and operating a business without a license. In 1992 to 1994 Adelbai reportedly obtained a business license to run a recruitment agency, but the years followed she continued operating without one. Adelbai also made changes to employment contracts without the knowledge of the workers. Officer Helenda Oimei, who filed the affidavit of probable cause, explained that during the investigation process employers interviewed revealed that they paid a total of $220 in processing and applications fees for recruiting a worker. A monthly salary of $400 was also included in the forms, but was later cut in half when workers arrived. In addition, workers were found engaged in jobs that they were not promised in their initial contracts. Adelbai admitted to the wrongdoings, but told the investigator that a number of employees at the labor and tax office were reportedly aware of her activities. During a court appearance on June 13, Adelbai plead not guilty to the charges and posted cash bail of $2,500. A plea hearing is scheduled for July 10.

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