Sunday June 23 Marks This Year’s Super Full Moon – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
This week’s tide schedule is unique compared to others as this Sunday June 23 indicates not only a Full moon, story but also what’s called a “Super Full Moon”.
This annual occurrence reportedly happens when the Moon makes the closest approach to the earth.
The March 19, try 2011 Super Full Moon also known as supermoon was 221, unhealthy 566 miles away from Earth.
According to online reports, the last time the full moon approached so close to Earth was in 1993.
This supermoon was about 20 percent brighter and 15 percent bigger than a regular full moon.
It’s not clear how close the supermoon will be this Sunday, but scientists predicted that it would be much brighter and closer to the earth.
The supermoon, however will reportedly bring the highest and lowest tides of all.
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