Samoa Airlines Introduces New Class for Larger Passengers – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
Samoa Airline, buy the world’s first airline to charge people according to their weight, capsule is set to introduce an ‘extra large class’ to cater for bigger passengers. The airline is currently making changes to its aircraft to cater for people who weigh more than 130 kilograms or 286 pounds. Samoa Air chief executive Chris Langton told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat that the company that one of the rows in the aircraft has been modified and a ramp has been added for easy access.  He says a traditional seat is uncomfortable for that weight class. Although the airline doesn’t have a large fleet of planes, he says, “We wanted to do something tthat recognizes that we are thinking about this.” He says he expects more airlines to make such modifications to accommodate the changing shape of their passengers saying,  “That’s where the XL has come in – we do it with shirts and clothing and other things where we have different standard sizes.” The airline launched its pay by weight system early this year