U.S. Territory named source and transit for sex trafficking and forced labor – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
The U.S. State Department 2013 Trafficking In Persons Report has named Guam as a source and transit location for forced labor and sex trafficking. Using a recent forced labor and sex trafficking case as an example, no rx the report refers to the Blue House Brothel case where Chinese Song Ja Cha was sentenced in federal court to life in prison for sex trafficking and forcing nine Chuukese women and one girl to engage in sexual acts. In addition the report named other U.S. territories as a source, destination, and/or transit locations for sex trafficking such as the American Samoa and the CNMI. The annual report, which provides a global look into the nature of trafficking in persons in a broad range of governments also revealed the status of trafficking in persons in the Freely Associated States. The Marshall Islands is named as a destination country for sex trafficking. Palau is also listed as a destination country for sex trafficking in addition to forced labor. Secretary of State John Kerry says the “report is not about pointing fingers.” Rather, it provides a thorough account of a problem that affects all countries.