Asylum Seekers Burns Down Detention Center On Nauru – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
Hundreds of asylum seekers on Nauru’s detention center burned the facility to the ground on July 19, page protesting about the length of time that is taking to process their refugee applications.
ABC Australia News reports that the riot led by angry Iranians of about 150 people destroyed the new two story accommodations, pharm medical center, waters and offices including vehicles on the lot.
ABC further reports that the riot caused $60 million dollars of damage as the as 80 percent of the detention center was destroyed.
Reports indicate that nearly all 540 asylum seekers were involved in the riot, however as of this news report only 125 have been charged by Nauru government.
The riot reportedly begun as a peaceful protest on July 19 over the slow processing of claims, but escalated when protestors took over the center and gained access.
There were no reports of deaths as a result of the riot and fire, but three asylum seekers still remains in the hospital.
The detention center is one of Australia’s offshore processing center for thousands of refugees.