Oiterong Sentenced To 45 years; Andres And Etpison Gets One Year – VIDEO

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On August 16, sales the Palau Supreme Court sentenced 20-year-old Ngirachelbaed Ease Oiterong to serve 45 years in jail for one count of murder and attempted murder.
In April, information pills Oiterong entered a plea agreement pleading guilty to one count of second-degree murder for the murder of Rdiall Bells, website like this and one count of attempted murder for the attempted murder and maiming of Nolan Rebluud on September 2012.
Associate Justice Materne issued a commitment order remanding Oiterong to serve his sentence immediately with credit to time served.
He was also ordered to undergo alcohol, mental health and anger management evaluations as well as write a letter of apology to victims.
For their involvement, Ngirasechedui Andres and Johnston Etpison were each sentenced to serve one-year jail sentence for one count of violation of duty to report wounds or death.
Prior to the sentencing hearing, Johnston’s bail was revoked due to his alleged involvement in new crimes that took place while he was on release awaiting sentencing in this case.