Pacific Tuna Stocks At Risk – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
Pacific tuna stocks are declining in alarming rates with management measures failing to restore stocks.
This was concluded during the recent Scientific Committee of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting in Micronesia.
Dr. Cat Dorey Greenpeace Coordinator for the International Sustainable Seafood Programme says the Pacific bluefin, visit this the region’s most vulnerable tuna is down to four percent of its original stock size and other tuna stocks are also at risk.
At the closure of its meeting this week, the Scientific Committee found that number of purse seine vessels operation in the Pacific was at an all-time high and catches for bigeye tuna were the highest.
Dr. Dorey says destructive fishing techniques such as fish aggregation devices with purse seine nets are negatively affecting fish populations.
A ban on the devices, she says is urgent and overdue.
Greenpeace is further urging Pacific island governments to lead by example and transform the tuna sector.