$2 Billion Floating Island May Save Kiribati – VIDEO

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A two billion dollar floating island is being explored in Kiribati, viagra 100mg as a possible option to save the island nation from the impacts of climate change.
With a large population of about 100,000 people, it is believed that the landmass of 800 square kilometers made of coral atolls, would not be able to sustain the people of Kiribati if projected climate change trends continues.
President Anote Tong says in Kiribati they are acknowledging that the landmass based on the scenarios projected would be reduced, underground water will be contaminated with the rising seas and so the ability of the land as they are to sustain the current level of population would be reduced.
Looking at different options to respond to climate change, Kiribati is looking at concepts and models of a floating island, a possible solution for climate change.
Shimizu Corporation, a large Japanese construction company has been working with Kiribati to come up with models and concepts for this proposed floating island.
There’s no funding for the proposed floating island project yet, and there is no time frame, but at the meantime, Kiribati is looking into several options to address climate change and its impacts.