Jury Convicts Palauan Of Attempted Murder At Local Burger Hut – VIDEO

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In Palau’s second jury trial in its history, hospital a six-member panel convicted Palauan man, Zylden Yano, for his vicious attack of a Filipino worker, Nehemiah Pamintalan, during his robbery of the local burger hut “Bem Ermii.”
On the night of the assault in July 2013, the 46-year-old victim was working as a cook for the burger hut.  There was $150 cash in the register.
The victim returned to Palau from the Philippines to provide testimony at the trial of how he feared for his life as Yano hacked him multiple times with a machete.
He was left so wounded that even today the bones on his left arm protrude as evidence of the assault.
He spent a month in Palau’s local hospital following the attack.
After a five day trial and two days of deliberation, the jury rendered a GUILTY verdict on all five counts: attempted murder in the first degree, robbery, aggravated assault, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and grand larceny.
Bill Ridpath, Yano’s court appointed counsel, has not indicated whether he will appeal the verdict.
There is no date yet set for sentencing, but Yano faces up to 30 years in prison.