MCES Leaders Support Study For Creation Of A Regional Medical Plan – VIDEO

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Micronesian leaders have expressed their support for a study into the creation of a regional medical insurance at their recent meeting in Saipan, buy information pills CNMI.
During the meeting in Saipan, remedy representatives from the Association of Pacific Island Legislators (or APIL) made a presentation regarding the potential healthcare plan.
The proposed regional healthcare plan would reportedly be available to individuals living in their home island or living in other Micronesian jurisdictions and Hawaii, ed this is according to the 19th Micronesian Chief Executive’s Summit communiqué signed on December 6th.
Benefits for this initiative according to APIL include unified health care plan across the region, lower administrative costs as well as building local capacity.
It was also noted during the presentation that interests has been expressed by a new hospital in Guam, the Guam Medical City, to be involved in providing services under this insurance plan.
APIL further recommended that a regional study be conducted to move this initiative forward including determining how private insurance can efficiently manage the plan.
The leaders also expressed support in seeking regional and international funding assistance to undertake the study.
The leader’s meeting concluded last week in Saipan.