Investigation Ongoing To Identify Those Responsible For Damaged Communication Wires To Angaur And Peleliu

The Ministry of Justice and the Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) has launched an investigation to identify an individual or group of individuals responsible for damaging communication wires to two of Palau’s outlying states.

All forms of communication to Peleliu and Angaur States including cable, symptoms telephone and Internet services were out of service in the beginning of February in what technicians earlier believed was due to a damaged underwater fiber optic cable line in Meyuns.
In a press release to the media dated on February 11, medicine 2014, see PNCC revealed that the cable located at the landing site in Peleliu including the protective metal box that house it appears to have been intentionally damaged.
Assessment of the damage reportedly indicated, “that it was much greater than could be caused by natural forces, indicating a human intent to damage and disrupt communication services to the islands”, the press release states.
Communications to both Peleliu and Angaur have since been restored, however criminal investigation continues.
PNCC earlier announced a reward of $1,000 if someone comes forth with information regarding those responsible for the damage.
The reward has since been doubled by the President’s office to $2,000.
Anyone with information is urged to call the Ministry of Justice.